List of African Innovators

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List of African Innovators
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This is a list of African Innovators. Africans have made contributions across a number of industries both on the continent and the globe and typically solve for African needs and challenges. This list covers, but is not limited to, innovations in agriculture, health, telecommunications, financial services and education.

The list focuses on innovators that have successfully implemented a robust and widely adopted solution in their country of domicile and also has expanded into multiple geographies.

It is an evolving list, and will be updated as new and up-and-coming innovators are found. Hover over each company name to get a thumbnail description of innovation.

To add a new African innovator, email the editor at


Transforming Agriculture through African Innovation. Picture: MoneyWeb


Digital Technology reinventing Eduction in Africa. Picture: The Conversation


African Energy Innovation. Picture: Powertime


African Innovation disrupting the Entertainment industry. Picture: Jepchumba


African Energy Innovation. Picture: ShoppeBlack

Financial Services

African Innovation not only disrupting Africa, but the world. Picture: IPP Media


African Innovation in Health critical for the next generation of Africans. Picture: New Times


Preparing the next generation of Africans in hospitality through Innovation. Picture: Huffington Post


Disruption in the insurance space moving Africans forward. Picture: Living and Loving


African recruitment finding the best minds through African innovation. Picture: Moguldom


A new wave of African Innovations taking on the retail space. Picture: Deloitte Africa


How do we make remittances from the African Diaspora an asset to the continent? Picture: The African Exponent

Social Entrepreneurship

It is the responsibility of this generation of Africans to give back. Picture: Metropole

Support Services


Creating genuine African transportation systems. Picture: Ventureburn


African Telecommunications heralded the way for African innovation. Picture: Verdict


African Innovation taking the world by storm! Picture: Africa Top Success