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How to order books in the Disrupting Africa Series.

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How to get a copy of Disuprting Africa's books into your library.

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If you're a member of the press looking to contact Disrupting Africa, or have a business proposal for us.

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Problems with articles about you, your company, or somebody you represent.

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From Our Founder

The Disrupting Africa Encyclopedia is proving to be one of Africa's greatest innovation assets.

When I founded Disrupting Africa, I could have made it a not-for-profit organisation but rather chose not to. We've worked hard over the years to keep the team very lean and we primarily fund our work through book sales.

Each book bought contributes to getting a story written about an impressive African Innovator. We alone can write our stories.

Buy a book. Write a story.

Thank you,

Nnamdi Oranye

Disrupting Africa Founder

Bulk Purchases

If you're after bulk purchase of the books in the Disrupting Africa series, please email us at with details on the number of books.