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About Us

About Us.

Welcome to the Disrupting Africa Encyclopedia, the global site chronicling the lives of inspirational African Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

At the beginning of 2015, Disrupting Africa launched a global discussion to define the future of African innovation in the form of its first book “Disrupting Africa: The Rise and Rise of African Innovation”. A subsequent book, “Taking on Silicon Valley: How Africa’s Innovators will change its future” identified technological trends that were currently impacting the continent. This led to further discussion on the future of African innovation and the impact of the Disrupting Africa movement by the year 2030. We call this "Disrupting Africa 2030".

Throughout the process, hard questions were asked, such as: How will we make the African working population, which would be the largest in the world by 2034, an asset rather than a liability? What opportunities and challenges lie ahead of us? What trends in technology, education, information, and access will shape our future? And what of these technologies can we harness and innovate on to work for Africa?

Based on this discussion and ongoing research, the team united around a vision to chronicle the stories of African Innovators and Entrepreneurs. The output was the Disrupting Africa Encyclopedia, a free online platform which showcases objective and accurate information about Africa's inspiring talent.

Vision & Mission

Vision: There are 30 million Africans who can disrupt Africa. We have a singular vision of writing their stories.

Mission: We seek to empower Africans, with objective information about African Innovation, and to distribute this information effectively and globally.