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What is Disrupting Ventures?

Disrupting Ventures is a collection of projects that seek to answer very difficult technological questions facing the African continent and is a collaborative creation that has been curated by Africans from across the globe. These projects seek to answer questions relating to “leaving a legacy of African innovation for future generations to come”. We do this by keeping the Disrupting Ventures sites fast, secure and available to all, incorporating new projects that drive our vision and building new features and tools to make it easy for Africans both on the continent and the diaspora to contribute and share knowledge, and by supporting the communities of Africans who contribute to Disrupting Ventures and its projects. We also help bring new knowledge about Africa online, lower barriers to African information access and make it easier for all Africans to share what they know about African innovation.

What are the plans for Disrupting Ventures’ future? Where are you going? At the beginning of 2015, Disrupting Ventures launched a global discussion to define the future of African innovation in the form of its first book “Disrupting Africa: The Rise and Rise of African Innovation”. A subsequent book, “Taking on Silicon Valley: How Africa’s Innovators will change its future” identified technological trends that were currently impacting the continent. This led to a further discussion on the future of African innovation and the impact of the Disrupting Africa movement by the year 2030. We call this Disrupting Africa 2030. Throughout the process, we asked ourselves questions like: How will we make the African working population, which would be the largest in the world by 2034, an asset - not a liability? Where might we want the Disrupting Africa movement to go next? What opportunities and challenges lie ahead of us? What trends in technology, education, information, and access will shape our future? Based on this discussion and our research, we are uniting around a direction that will help us build a more sustainable, resilient, and engaged movement that anyone who shares our vision can join. We will adapt to the shifting trends in technology, to ensure we meet the needs of our users and continue to provide reliable, transparent, and neutral information. We will invite new voices to join us and ensure that anyone who wants to share knowledge on Disrupting Ventures can do so. And we will advocate for the policies and values that will allow Disrupting Ventures to thrive. This direction asks us to be bold and experiment in the future, as we did in the past, and it remains rooted in our mission of free knowledge on African innovation for all.

How is Disrupting Ventures funded? Disrupting Ventures is funded primarily through private capital and sales of its authored books. Additionally, the Disrupting Ventures Endowment Fund was created in 2018 to support and sustain Disrupting Ventures and its projects for generations to come. We anticipate this to be to the equivalent of $30 Million in the next 30 years and have modelled the fund around current Endowment Funds that have been around for over a century. The Disrupting Ventures Endowment Fund is maintained in a separate fund that is overseen by an independent Advisory Board. The interest generated from the Endowment Fund and in addition to the private capital raised, fund the ongoing operations of Disrupting Ventures. Additionally, the Disrupting Ventures Endowment Fund will help sustain free knowledge about African innovation and ecosystem of projects, support technology to keep the sites and project portals fast, secure and accessible, as well as for Disrupting Ventures’ programs and initiatives to expand access and support free knowledge about African innovation globally.

How can I participate in Disrupting Ventures? We encourage everyone who finds value in Disrupting Africa 2030 and free knowledge to join our movement. There are many ways you can participate. Please find more at Work With Us.

Why Technology? We believe that the most valuable companies in the African future, won’t be those who ignore technology or who ask what can be solved with technology alone. Rather, the most valuable companies will ask “How can technology solve really hard African problems?” - and solve them. We are betting on identifying, creating and supporting these companies as they are the future of our continent.