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Access Mobile
Founded2011; 9 years ago (2011)
FounderKaakpema "KP" Yelpaala

Editor: Ryan Peter is an international digital health company which focuses on improving patient care in diverse markets through intelligent mobile engagement. Its main product is [amHealth], a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliant app which allows healthcare providers and healthcare plans to influence patient behavior through targeted mobile communication. The mission of Access.Mobile is to improve access to care in underserved markets through the use of what it calls 'intelligent mobile engagement'.[1] was founded by Kaakpema "KP" Yelpaala in 2011, with offices in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.; Kampala, Uganda; and Durban, South Africa. Its headquarters are in Denver, Colorado.


After completing his masters at Yale, Yelpaala got involved in several public health projects in Africa, and came to realise the massive administrative problem that public health organisations face.[2] In 2011, he formed Access.Mobile to develop digital health solutions and begin building the ClinicCommunicator, a web-based app which made use of Cloud technology where doctors and medical personnel could upload patient information that could be accessed by other medical personnel.[3] A national scale mobile data collection project was completed in Uganda in 2012, funded by USAID (HIPS).[4] United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is a core convening partner on the High Impact Practices (HIPS) for Family Planning. USAID advances and supports voluntary family planning and reproductive health programs in more than 45 countries across the globe.[5] The ClinicCommunicator was piloted in Uganda in 2013, providing free trial periods to both public and private practitioners. The pilot was hugely successful. Access.Mobile managed to raise $112,5K in June, 2013 in a Venture Round.[6]

In 2014, Microsoft awarded with the Microsoft 4Africa Innovation award, which provided grant money to Access.Mobile to continue developing the ClinicCommunicator.[7] More capabilities were added to the app, including SMS-based vouchers and better engagement with patients. After partnering with PharmAccess Foundation, [who are they] Access.Mobile began to expand into Kenya.

In July 2015, Access.Mobile managed to raise $2.2M in a Series A funding round.[8] In 2016, ClinicCommunicator was significantly upgraded and rebranded AmHealth, Access.Mobile's flagship product.[9] AmHealth is an outpatient practice management and patient engagement technology platform that facilitates digitising patient information into a patient record that is relevant and easy to navigate.[10] Hospitals and clinics pay a licensing fee to access the AmHealth product and database. Communication to patients is via SMS, email, and smartphone notifications. The system leads to greater patient engagement and retention, efficiency, and leads to increased revenue. In the same year, Access.Mobile also launched its Nairobi office.[11]

In 2017, aMHealth reported that 150 facilities across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania were using the product, reaching 1.8 million patients.[12] This garnered U.S. interest in the product. In 2018, Access.Mobile launched its U.S. pilot, in partnership with Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles, which works primarily with lower-income Hispanics.[13] It continues to expand its product offering in the U.S., including growth in rural areas.

In 2019, Access.Mobile partnered with Launch South Africa for its HIV Initiative.[14]

Achievements and Investments

Access.Mobile managed to raise $112,5K in June, 2013 in a Venture Round.[15]

In 2014, Microsoft's 4Africa Innovation award provided grant money to Access.Mobile to continue developing the ClinicCommunicator.[16]

In July 2015, Access.Mobile managed to raise $2.2M in a Series A funding round.[17]

In 2016, Access.Mobile was named Innovation in Healthcare 2016 Innovator.[18] [19]

In 2019 it was named Startup Health Transformer.[20]

Access.Mobile is in Seed funding status and has raised $2.6M thus far, with its latest funding raised in December 2017 (for an undisclosed amount).[21]