African Leadership University

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Fred Swaniker delivering his TED Talk: The Leaders who ruined Africa and the generation who can fix it.

African Leadership University or ALU is a network of tertiary institutions with operations in both Mauritius and Rwanda. Its mission is to build 25 campuses across the continent and produce 3 million young African leaders over the next 50 years. ALU's first campus was launched in September 2015 in Mauritius and is known as the African Leadership College. Its second campus was launched in September 2017 in Kigali, Rwanda. ALU projects to build 25 campuses in major cities in Africa hosting around 10,000 students. In 2008, Fred Swaniker, an African leadership development expert and Stanford Business School educated social entrepreneur, founded ALU's sister organization, the African Leadership Academy, a secondary institution. In 2015, Swaniker then expanded his efforts further by establishing an institution of higher learning, the African Leadership University, dedicated to teaching leadership skills and producing Africa's best and brightest minds. In 2015 ALU opened its doors to more than 180 students from across Africa on its main campus in Mauritius. From Wikipedia