Are We Making Progress?

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How Will We Know If We Are Making Progress?
Google Trends 241218.png

How we'll we know if the Disrupting Africa Encyclopedia team is making progress?

It really is a hard question to answer but we've come up with a simple yardstick. When the phrase "African Innovation" has the same global presence as "Silicon Valley' on Google Trends, then we believe we would have accomplished our mission.

It is very interesting to see that Silicon Valley (which is a region in California, not even a country) has lit up the world on Google Trends. This, one has to admit, is very impressive.

The reality is that the Disrupting Africa team can't do it alone. We need our 1billion+ strong voices to light up the world.

Let's disrupt Africa, together.

* Click on the image for a detailed comparison between the phrases "African Innovation" and "Silicon Valley on Google Trends