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Disrupting Africa

Disrupting Africa: The Rise and Rise of African Innovation

Africa is ready for lift-off. The multiple challenges of the continent have fast become the catalyst for innovation on an astounding level – forming new technologies, new infrastructure, new ways of doing things, and a new narrative. Africa is a continent full of creativity, energy, and change – and much of it is thanks to the miracle of the mobile phone. In “Disrupting Africa: The rise and rise of African innovation”, Nnamdi Oranye looks at increasing innovation in Africa, showing how modern technology and digital payment services bring it all together to create a new kind of infrastructure the world has simply not expected. The African narrative is changing. Today’s Africa is an exciting, creative continent, packed with amazing potential.

Taking On Silicon Valley

Taking On Silicon Valley: How Africa's Innovators will change its future

Today’s Africa is an amazing place full of change and creativity, and its tech innovators are at the forefront of its transformation. That is why Silicon Valley has woken up to its massive potential and clearly has its eyes set on the continent. And not only is Silicon Valley interested, but China as well. But what will it mean when the tech “big boys” of Silicon Valley and China, who have repeatedly disrupted industries all over the world, set up shop in Africa? Will this bring positive or negative change? And how can African innovators not only compete with the world’s tech giants but even take them on? These are the questions Nnamdi Oranye seeks to answer in his thought-provoking book, “Taking on Silicon Valley,” a follow-up to his previous book, “Disrupting Africa: The Rise and Rise of African Innovation.” Africa has an amazing future, and it is its innovators who will shape it. There is a way Africa can take on Silicon Valley. It requires for eyes to be opened to the past, the present, and the future; for dreams to be taken seriously; and for African innovators to keep steady on the path they are so passionately forging.

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