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Data Intelligence.

Insights for African Innovators.

We are releasing our data intelligence to African Innovators. These insights are designed to help African innovators answer basic questions such as:

  • When should I raise money (if at all)?
  • Should I launch a product in a particular market?
  • Which countries should I expand to?
  • What should I study?
  • ... and many more.

More importantly, we are releasing this intelligence portal to aspiring African Innovators to build innovative businesses on the back of our data stack, as it helps with accelerating our mission of finding the next generation of African Innovators.

We've designed the data visualisation to be intuitive and easy to use, and for innovators wishing to build innovative businesses on our data stack, we have made it easy to embed or call our data through APIs.


We are really passionate about finding the next generation of African Innovators. We are even more passionate about ensuring that they succeed. We see developing commercial products to help African innovators as one of the way to 'disrupt Africa'.

In making access to our data stack available, we are looking to work closely with African innovators to help them with strategic insights that would help them succeed. Even more exciting is when we spawn new innovators - innovators who build businesses on our data stack.


Pay for only what you use. Cancel at any time. Prices are per number of records per visualisation. We've opted to keep it simple so you can focus on disrupting Africa.

Pricing Table
Category Model Price
Embed Visualisation & Call $0.05 per record

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Disrupting Africa chose to charge for access? We considered a lot of funding models and settled with a price-per-call approach as we believed it ties in with our company values. Commercializing the data stack helps us pay for our ongoing research, maintaining editorial quality and journalistic independence.

Additionally, the underlying data set is quite large, taking a lot of in-house resources to develop and manage, thus making it an expensive exercise. We are hoping that by democratizing access to the data and getting innovators to build on our data stack, it would make this a commercially viable enterprise i.e. as African innovators grow, we grow.

Can I try it out before signing up? Yes, all qualifying participants get access to the data for 30 days for free.

Why are you in private beta? We are continuously refining our data set and insights and want to work with a handful of African innovators before releasing the final product to the wider public.

Is there a minimum term? No. Access is a monthly pay-as-you-go service with no contracts. If you decide to cancel, your subscription will not renew at the end of your monthly billing cycle.

Will my bill change monthly? Yes. Depending on the number of records you access, your bill can change monthly - if you're only accessing the data intelligence. You can review/audit your bill on your web portal access. For Cicle+ clients, the monthly bill is fixed.

  • We receive a lot of applications and whilst we endeavour to reply to all applications, we may not be able to do that in time or at all. We are mainly focused on African innovators and encourage you to think carefully about your application when completing the form.
  • We are very keen to work with academia during our private beta phase. No fees will be levied for qualifying academic institutions or students.
  • Unfortunately, at this stage we aren't taking applications from large corporate entities.
  • All inspirational African Innovators and Entrepreneurs will be included in the Encyclopedia, regardless of application outcome.