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Preamble. The Disrputing Ventures Encyclopedia is an edited open access work produced by a collaborative community of experts. Disrupting Ventures entries (i.e., the articles contributed by authors) are regularly revised—although fixed version are available from our Archives. In order to preserve the integrity of the Disrupting Ventures Encyclopedia —to sustain it as a free resource for the long term and to ensure clarity regarding what content is current—some distribution rights are limited.

User Rights. The Board of Trustees of Disrupting Ventures grants each individual user (“User”) a royalty-free non-exclusive limited license to read, download, make copies, print, search, or link to the full text of each Disrupting Ventures entry, crawl each entry for indexing (subject to reasonable network usage constraints), and distribute each entry only as permitted below provided that the purpose of the distribution is non-commercial.

Limited Electronic Distribution Rights. A User may electronically distribute an Disrupting Ventures entry to computers and mobile devices that are owned and controlled by the User. A User may electronically distribute an Disrupting Ventures entry to others only for private electronic correspondence. This includes communications between the User and an individual, and communications, postings or file-sharing to closed, invitation-only groups of individuals with no archives publicly available, provided that the group consists of no greater than 30 individuals. A User may electronically distribute a link to a Disrupting Ventures entry. No other electronic distribution rights are granted.

Limited Fixed-Media Distribution Rights. Users may distribute printed copies or copies on fixed media only with prior written permission of the author of the Disrupting Ventures entry.

Course Reader Policy. Since students should have free access to all entries at the Disrupting Ventures website, we encourage instructors to distribute a link to the relevant content on our site to their students instead of distributing copies of Disrupting Ventures entries in course readers. Students (a) may prefer to read Disrupting Ventures entries on their electronic devices without incurring any costs, and (b) may be able to print Disrupting Ventures entries for themselves more cheaply than the amount charged for reproducing those pages in a course reader. Despite this recommendation, the inclusion of Disrupting Ventures entries in course readers is allowed under the following conditions:

  • If the course reader containing an Disrupting Ventures entry is to be distributed in fixed-media (e.g., print), permission of the author must be secured.
  • If a course reader containing an Disrupting Ventures entry is to be distributed electronically, it must be done in compliance with 2(b).

General. Disrupting Ventures, its trustees, officers, faculty and staff (including affiliates) are not liable for indirect consequential, incidental, special, punitive, exemplary damages, including lost profits. Failure to enforce these terms of use does not constitute a waiver. Entries are provided “as-is” and Disrupting Ventures disclaims all warranties with respect to the Disrupting Ventures website and entries, including express warranties, and implied warranties of merchantibility, fitness for purpose, title and non-infringement. No warranty is provided that the website or Disrupting Ventures entries or access to them, are secure, uninterrupted, timely, accurate, error-free or virus-free. These terms of use and any dispute that may arise out of them, Disrupting Ventures entries or the website may only be brought in State or Federal court located in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa.