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Tunji Adegbesan, Founder of Gidmo. Picture: EDC Online

Founded in Nigeria, the continent’s most populous country, Tunji Adegbesan, a social entrepreneur who teaches strategy at Lagos Business School, launched Gidimo – a mobile server for learning, entertainment and connection. In partnership with the Pan-Atlantic University’s Enterprise Development Center, Gidimo offers a basic management course, complete with videos of locally developed case studies, group discussions and reading materials, available on any mobile phone – smart or not – or tablet anywhere in Africa with a network signal. They are also working with Nigeria’s Nollywood – the second largest movie industry in the world by number of films made annually – to create low-cost mobile video teaching cases. One seven-minute example shows various ways of handling dissatisfied customers. Gidimo’s business model also sets an innovative example. Private investors initially funded a world-class platform with very low marginal costs. Low variable costs make scaling economical. Different courses will be offered to high-value users, such as professionals or students cramming for tests. They would be charged more, while prices for poorer users or their partners will be much lower. From Financial Times