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Today's Featured African Innovator

Fred Swaniker delivering his TED Talk: The Leaders who ruined Africa and the generation who can fix it.
Fred Swaniker (born 1976) is a Ghanaian entrepreneur and leadership development expert. He has launched four organizations that aim to develop leaders, primarily in Africa. He is the chairman and founder of the African Leadership Academy, an institution located outside Johannesburg in South Africa that is aiming to develop 6,000 transformative leaders for Africa over a 50-year period. He is also the founder of African Leadership Network, Global Leadership Adventures, and African Leadership University which is opening multiple universities across Africa with the aim of grooming 3 million leaders by 2060.
Swaniker's work as an educational entrepreneur has been praised by the U.S. President Barack Obama and other prominent global figures.
He has been recognized as a TED Fellow (2009) and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (2012). He was named one of the Top Ten Young Power Men in Africa by a 2011 Forbes Magazine online feature. Echoing Green recognized him as 'one of the top 15 social entrepreneurs in the world' in 2006. In 2017, Fred Swaniker received two honorary doctorates--one from Middlebury College in the USA and the second from Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. In 2018, he received a third honorary doctorate from Macalester College in the USA.
Source: Wikipedia