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Finding Africa's 17.

Welcome to the Disrupting Ventures Innovation Fund.

We believe there are 17 exceptional African visionaries who can shift the African dial forward. Think Steve Jobs. Think Fred Swaniker. Our mission is to find them and provide them with growth funding until they accomplish their vision for Africa.

Disrupting Ventures was started in 2017, driven by the idea that there has to be a better way to drive Africa's growth by providing unfettered access to capital, resources and networks.

To achieve its highly-selective dealflow, Disrupting Ventures' team of investment professionals reviews thousands of companies each year, meets with selected management teams and, after an in-depth due diligence process, selects opportunities to share with the investment board.

By leveraging its extensive network, Disrupting Ventures can proactively identify and pursue companies, gaining access to investment opportunities that are closed to other new investors. Disrupting Ventures invests its own capital alongside its investors in every venture.

Read about our investment approach below:


Experience a new approach to investing for African Innovators and Entrepreneurs who have inspirational visions for our beloved continent, Africa. We typically invite innovators to participate based on our market research but innovators outside our network are requested to apply for an investment review.

We review and select 1-2% of the companies from hundreds of innovators across the continent. Our selective approach is based on our investment mandate of finding the 17 African Innovators and Entrepreneuers who would radically change the African narrative. This means we will most likely only make 17 investments during the funds lifecycle.

  • Watch how we came up with the number of 17 for our Innovation fund.


Independent market research is conducted on all qualified potentials. We conduct our own independent research to make sure we have an objective view on the proposed investment. This is important to us, and subsequently the innovator or entrepreneur, as it provides a detailed analysis of the opportunity for pan-African and global growth. Multiple metrics are used in analysing the market to ensure a thorough review of the innovation opportunity. We conduct our market research using our in-house strategy consultants.

Board Presentation

All reviewed and approved investment requests are presented to the Investment Board quarterly. The Board is responsible for the strategic and financial performance of the Innovation fund and ensures that the fund lives up to its mandate.

The Board sets clear policy guidelines within which they expect the Innovation fund to operate, including setting the short and long term objectives and a system for ensuring that the funds management acts in accordance with these directions. The Investment reports presented contain all the information about the market opportunity and the innovation to facilitate the decision-making at Board level.


With a strategic relationship with TGS South Africa, Disrupting Ventures provides all Innovators and Entrepreneurs access to world class accounting. This phase in the investment phase is critical as numbers tell a story.

TGS's international and cross-border expertise and services support local and international growth. Additionally, TGS works with small and medium-sized innovation companies to make the complex world of expansion feel secure and attainable.

TGS is a disruptive, entrepreneurial and agile response to a rapidly changing environment and evolving client needs. We guarantee quality local responses to individual global issues and a long term, proven commitment to sustainable business development.

Growth Capital

Our Growth Captial partner, Partner Elite has been partnering with entrepreneurs since 2000. We are not venture capitalists. We are partners who support businesses in terms of their strategy and growth and, in certain circumstances, assist them to finance their scale-up journey. With a dynamic team of 130 people behind us, we offer the best possible support in helping entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Partner Elite is Raizcorp’s division for high-potential entrepreneurs who would like to partner with us to help build and grow their businesses. We have a reputation for finding the best entrepreneurs and offering them the best support.

Founded in 2000 Raizcorp is, according to The Economist, the only genuine incubator in Africa. However, the company prefers to think of itself as a Prosperator™ rather than an incubator. Drawing on the best practices of business support and development models worldwide, Raizcorp has created its own unique, world-renowned model for the support and development of entrepreneurs. It offers a platform that fosters learning and guidance, and which can be translated into practical business success.

  • We receive a lot of applications and whilst we endeavour to reply to all applications, we may not be able to do that in time or at all. We encourage you to carefully think about your application to give it the best chance of success. A yardstick would be whether a page can be created on the Disrupting Africa Encyclopedia about you and your product.
  • All inspirational African Innovators and Entrepreneus will be included in the Encyclopedia and automatically qualify for discount rates via our partner accounting network.