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African innovation refers specifically to innovative technologies, startups, and programs developed by Africans for African needs and challenges. Most of the discussion around African innovation focuses on innovations for, and on, the Sub-Saharan African continent. Owing to the fact that the history of science and technology in Africa has received relatively little attention compared to other regions of the world, despite notable African developments in mathematics, metallurgy, architecture, and other fields, it is difficult to track how African innovation has developed until recent times.
The African diaspora should be seen as an asset to the world but Africa in particular. This is showcased quite significantly in the area of remittance. It is worth more than $600 billion with an estimated $466 billion of that going to developing countries. By 2017, the World Bank reported that remittances to Sub-Saharan African grew to $37.8 billion, with a forecast of it hitting $39.2 billion by 2018 and $39.6 billion by 2019. Conversely, Africans pay the highest costs in remittance (9.3 percent average, with the global average being 7.1 percent). The reasons for this discrepency are unclear. But the point is to show that the diaspora holds huge economic prosperity, both for Africa and outside of Africa. Remittance is said to be three times greater than foreign aid to Africa. This is seen as a key to financial inclusion.
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This is a list of African African Academia that have published work adddressing or proposing solutions to hard questions facing the African continent. This list covers, but is not limited to, Academia both on the African continent and in the Diaspora and covers topics across various industries.
This is a list of African Innovators. Africans have made contributions across a number of industries both on the continent and the globe and typically solve for African needs and challenges. This list covers, but is not limited to, innovations in agriculture, health, telecommunications, financial services and education.
Innovation in the African context is not limited to entrepreneurs and innovators. African corporates have also made strides in the innovation space, sometimes in collaboration with innovators. This list covers, but is not limited to, corporates with impactful innovations in Africa.


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