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Leep Africa
FoundersGeorge Georgiades & Paul Selibas
South Africa

Editor: Charissa Cassels

Leep Africa was founded by George Georgiades and Paul Selibas in 2018. Leep Africa aims to steer Africa towards leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution.[1] Georgiades is an Industrial Engineer and the developer of Leep Connect.[2] Selibas is a Software Engineer and Payments Specialist.[3]

The company wants to drive Africa to become a global leader in the innovation sphere through Leep’s IoT products, that push boundaries and connect people -and things- across the continent.[4]

The company aims to enhance socio-economic growth and solve Africa’s technological challenges, by creating products that blur the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.[5]

Leep Africa uses technology to improve people’s lives by focusing on networks, data and devices.[6]


In 2020, Leep Africa developed its first product, Leep Connect. As the world’s first IoT-enabled mobile hotspot network, Leep Connect aims to drive connectivity by leveraging the product’s scalability.[7]

The concept for Leep Connect stems from the belief that internet access should be a basic human right. A network of mobile hotspot nodes were built for the transport industry to provide free internet access to people on their daily commute to and from work.

Leep Connect is scalable, customizable, accessible[8] and can be used in various environments and industries.[9]

Leep Connect’s software has been designed and developed in-house in South Africa.[10]

Because public transport commuters contribute largely to the economy and as a result, Leep Africa wants to ensure that their daily commute allows them access to tools that were previously unavailable to them during this time.

Users can connect to Leep Africa by connecting to Leep Connect’s open-access WiFi hotspots. They will then be authenticated by the network where they will receive a free data bundle.[11] Users are not provided with cached content but rather have pure internet access.[12]

Leep Africa plans to extend Leep Connect into more vehicles and beyond the transport industry.[13] Leep Connect has been piloted in select Bolt vehicles and in independent minibus taxis.[14]

Leep Africa funds this connectivity through third-party marketing, bringing together advertisers and networks to connect end-to-end users to the internet. Leep can collect anonymous data to perfect the user experience and to discover how users are interacting with the system. Leep Connect launched on 22 October, 2020.[15]