Livestock Wealth

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African Innovator Ntuthuko Shezi, Founder of Livestock Wealth. Picture: Freddy Mavunda

Livestock Wealth is a “crowd farming” African innovation initiative that launched in 2015, offering a modern take on a tradition trade – cattle farming. The group allows you to invest in pregnant cows – living breathing cows – and use her offspring as a type of return or dividend as it is sent off to slaughter. While unit trusts and shares are often intangible, numbers on a screen in a portfolio somewhere, Livestock Wealth says the cows are real – the investment is real – and investors can even go so far as visiting their cow on the farms. According to the group, a typical investor can invest in individual cattle or in pregnant cows. Individually, a six to eight-month old calf, which is sourced from preferred farmers, is raised at the farm until it reaches a mature age of 30 – 33 months, after which it is slaughtered to produce high value free-range, hormone-free, grass-fed beef. The meat is sold online, or through bulk wholesale and to niche export markets, and the owner – or investor if you will – makes a return of between and 10% p.a. and 15% p.a. from the sale of the meat. With pregnant cattle, the farm takes care of the calf (where it is expected the cow will deliver one calf a year, on average), and once suckled, is sold off to an abattoir. The returns from the sale are given to the investor. The health and wellbeing of the stock can be tracked via a mobile app. BusinessTech