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M-Farm CEO Jamila Abass on farming online at InspireFest. Picture: InspireFest on Youtube

M-Farm is an SMS and web-based application focused on improving weaknesses in the value chain. It disseminates targeted agricultural information via SMS to small-scale and marginal farmers in Kenya. Through the platform, which uses the short code 3535, farmers are able to get real time price information on different products at different markets and locations. This enables them to bargain with buyers and gives them negotiation power. The platform also aggregates farmers’ needs and connects them with farm input suppliers. The platform solves the challenges farmers faced of accessing market information. M-Farm gives these farmers a voice by connecting them with each other in a virtual space. Currently there are 2,000 farmers across the country. MFarm Limited, a Kenyan software solution and agribusiness company, was co-founded by an all girl team of Linda Kwamboka, Jamila Abass and Susan Eve Oguya. The company’s technology enables farmers to create linkages with the market. How We Made It In Africa