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Welcome to the Disrupting Africa Encyclopedia.
The flagship product of
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Welcome to the Disrupting Africa Encyclopedia, a free online platform to facilitate content and the sharing of information on African Innovation.

The Encyclopedia is the flagship product of Disrupting Africa, a global movement aimed at supporting and promoting African innovation, and preparing the next generation of Africans, both on the continent and in the diaspora, for disruptive technological trends. The Encyclopedia organizes content on African innovators and innovations, both on the continent and the African diaspora and is dedicated to supporting and promoting African Innovation that will create tremendous opportunities for the African continent.

We have a vision of ensuring that the right content about African Innovation is available to generations 100 years from today . This content transcends the multimedia platforms of the day and will morph and adapt to whatever technological advancements are made in the coming decades.

Since its conception, the Encyclopedia portal has become a powerful tool that allows people access to information on African innovation and technological trends that affect our continent. Initially through literature and public speaking, it has become a rich, dynamic and effective education medium that provides free information to every African and friends of Africa across the globe.

To us disrupting Africa, together.