Mathieu Coquillon

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Mathieu Coquillon
Mathieu Coquillon.jpg
Mathieu Coquillon. Retrieved from Investec Ahead of the Curve, 7 October 2020.
Cape Town, South Africa
NationalitySouth African
OccupationCo-Founder and Director of Mama Money
Known forCo-founding Mama Money
WebsiteLinkedIn Profile

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Mathieu Coquillon is the Co-Founder and Director of Mama Money, a cashless money transfer operator.[1]

Coquillon is experienced in business management and has worked in the direct marketing and recruitment industry.[2] He is the director of Mama Money,[3]has occupied this position since March 2013 [4] and he is a social business entrepreneur.[5] Coquillon is South African.[6]


Coquillon lives in Cape Town[7] and was born in Cape Town. After completing his schooling career in South Africa, he moved to the United Kingdom to work there. He joined a direct sales organisation and sold utilities across England and Scotland. He was later transferred back to South Africa where he assisted in setting up a recruitment arm for the company which was aimed at recruiting candidates to work in the United Kingdom.

He then joined a startup in an online voucher company and spent four years working in various departments. By the time he left the company to co-found Mama Money, he was the Managing Director.[8]

Awards and Recognition

He was nominated in the Founder of the Year category by the South African National Awards in 2018.[9]

Coquillon was a speaker at Investec’s Tech4Good event.[10]

He was hosted by Startup Grind to speak at an event, Building a Pan-African Fintech social enterprise, on 4 December, 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa, about International Money transfers and how Mama Money operates.[11]