Momtaz Moussa

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Momtaz Moussa
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Image retrieved from Endeavor on 01 July, 2021.
NationalitySouth African
Alma materThe American University in Cairo
Known forBeing the Co-Founder of Dsquares

Editor: Charissa Cassels

Momtaz Moussa is the CEO and Co-Founder at Lucky App and a co-founder at Dsquares. Lucky is a mobile app and website that can be used for instant discounts and free cashback on people’s purchases.[1]

He has global expertise in classifieds. He is an entrepreneur and has consulted on many private ventures in the United States and the Middle East.[2]

Moussa has a proven track record in improving the quality of services and introducing innovative online solutions in Egypt and internationally. He has more than a decade’s experience in marketing, business strategy, and general management.[3]


He attended The American University in Cairo from 2000 to 2006 where he completed his Bachelor of Science and Computer Science degree. Three years later, he commenced his MBA in Business Administration at INSEAD, the Business School for the World[4] and completed it in 2010.


Moussa started as a Pricing Senior Team Leader for Vodafone, a leading technology communications company in Europe and Africa, from March 2006 until November 2008. Two years later, he became an Associate for Booze & Company,[5] a Management Consulting company[6] until April 2011 in the United Arab Emirates. Moussa then became the CEO for Mediterranean Sensations, sauces and rice mixes provider intended to offer the taste of Mediterranean cuisine[7] in November 2012 until November 2017 in the Great Boston Area.

He was the Co-Founder in 2015 of Bite Kite, a food services company that offers three dishes a day plus a drink that is ready and delivered in under 25 minutes. He also launched a small chain of healthy fast-food restaurants called Marly’s Kitchen.[8] Bite Kite is based in Boston and the app is available on Android and Apple stores and was created together with Bite Kite’s partner, Juggernaut, a technology solutions provider that is based in San Francisco.[9] Bite Kite launched in 2015.[10]

He worked at OLX Group, an online marketplace company,[11] and he started as a General Manager in January 2016 in Egypt. He then became the General Manager for the MENA Emerging Markets in April 2017 until he became the General Manager in October 2017 in the New Delhi Area in India.[12] The markets he covered in MENA included Egypt, Lebanon and Oman.[13] His appointment as General Manager allowed him to provide local leadership with a vision of what the Egyptian customer service sector needed.[14]

Moussa has been the Co-Founder of Dsquares since May 2011 in Egypt and later became the Co-Founder and CEO of Lucky App in November 2018 in Cairo Governorate in Egypt.[15] Dsquares specialises in offering loyalty programmes that bring customers closer to its consumers. It is essentially an information technology and services company.[16]

Awards and Achievements

Moussa was selected to join the Global Endeavor network, allowing him to gain access to various support services and scale his business. The organisation aims to increase long-term economic growth and supports entrepreneurs that have passed through the startup phase and indicate the potential for rapid expansion and scale.[17] This network is specifically dedicated to High Impact Entrepreneurs.[18]