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Morsi Meter
Founded2012; 9 years ago (2012)
FoundersAmr Sobhy and Abbas Adel

Editor: Tamia Adolph

Morsi Meter is an activist website that tracked the promises of the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, over his first 100 days. It was inspired by the U.S. Obameter which tracked U.S. President, Barack Obama’s, promises.[1]

The website is in English and Arabic and had over 30 000 followers on Twitter.[2]


When Morsi was declared president in 2012, Amr Sobhy and his creative partner, 28-year old software engineer Abbas Adel, stayed up all night to design the website aimed at holding Morsi accountable.[3] The pair previously collaborated on a project called “Zabatak” or “I caught you”, right after the uprising that ousted Mubarak. It was an attempt to provide a one-stop site for people to report crimes and acts of corruption.[4]

Sobhy asserts that rather than political activists, the two are average Egyptian youths who try their best to bring about change in Egypt.[5]

Sobhy and Adel hope that the Morsi Meter will keep candidates true to their promises.[6]

The Morsi Meter found that the Egyptian President had achieved only four of his 64 promises and made progress on another 24 out of the 64 promises.[7]

Awards and Achievements =

In 2012, Morsi Meter was awarded the WSA Young Innovators award by WSA, an awards system that selects and promotes local digital innovation to improve society.[8]

That same year, Morsi Meter won a Youth Award under the Pursue Truth! category.[9]