Mounir Nakhla

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Mounir Nakhla
Mounir Nakhla.jpg
Mounir Nakhla, CEO and Co-founder of Halan. Image sourced from, August 2020.
Alma materLondon School of Economics
OccupationCEO of Halan and entrepreneur
Known forCo-founder of Halan

Editor: Charissa Cassels

Mounir Nakhla, an Egyptian[1], is the co-founder and CEO of Halan, a logistics and ride-hailing company that is based in Cairo, Egypt.[2] Halan was founded together with Ahmed Mohsen who acts as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Halan.[3] Mohamed Aboulnaga became Chief Commercial Officer of Halan and Dina Ghabbour became the Chief Marketing Officer.[4] Halan was founded in April 2017 and was launched in November 2017.[5] Nakhla was inspired to start Halan after witnessing the success of Gojek, an Indonesian ride-hailing and e-payments company founded by Nadiem Makarim.[6]

Nakhla has a background in microfinance[7] and is an entrepreneur.[8]


He obtained his Bachelor of Science in International Business Studies from the European Business School in 2000. Nakhla has a Master’s of Science in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics which he obtained in 2003.

He has formed part of the Environmental Quality International (EQI’s) board since 2000 and became the EQI’s Managing Partner in 2008. His contribution within the EQI was to work towards becoming Egypt’s leading micro-financing consultancy, operating in sustainable eco-tourism and micro-finance loan-tracking software industries.

In late 2009[9], Nakhla established Mashroey, asset-based microfinance, lightweight transportation[10] company, that focuses on selling two and three-wheelers. It has since added electronics, electrical appliances and affordable housing to its portfolio of products. Mashroey has more than 100 branches and outlets across Egypt.

Nakhla has also established a microfinance company, Tasaheel. Tasaheel was established in August 2015 and has opened more than 200 licensed branches across Egypt and employs more than 6000 (2020) people.[11] The company aims to assist low-income earners to generate more money in order to improve their standard of living.[12]


Nakhla invested 20 percent of the seed capital in Halan.[13]


Nakhla was selected to join the Global Endeavor Network during the 85th International Selection Panel in February 2018, in San Francisco.[14]