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IndustryInformation Technology
FoundersAmr Sobhy & Abdullah Diaa

Editor: Tamia Adolph

PushBots is an Egypt-based start-up that created a customer engagement tool for apps that can push content and notifications to app users. By doing so, it leverages user engagement, increases loyalty and attachment for mobile apps by simply sending direct personalized messages.[1]

PushBots seeks to strike a balance between push notification technology for app businesses and personalising notifications for users.[2]

PushBots can be integrated into apps with a few lines of code, which allow app developers to send notifications in a few minutes. It also helps app developers to make their push notifications smarter by targeting users specifically.

Other beneficial features include scheduling and automating notifications and providing data about each message sent.

The start-up has its customer base including Vodafone, Al-Masry El-Youm, Otlob, and government entities.[3]


PushBots was co-founded by CEO Amr Sobhy and CTO Abdullah Diaa and officially launched in 2013. Both Sobhy and Diaa come from a medical education background. Their decision to start PushBots came as a result of wanting to merge their medical degrees and entrepreneurial ideas. Sobhy and Diaa met on Twitter and formed their partnership with a common love for open sourcing.[4]

PushBots graduated from Flat6Labs Egypt, the MENA region’s leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm[5], in 2012. Sobhy and Diaa credit the affiliation with Flat6Labs with helping to scale their business, as well as the network gained being of great significance.[6]


PushBots has used zero venture capital funding since its graduation from Flat6Labs, instead, it has raised money completely from its customers.[7]

Awards and Achievements

In November 2019, PushBots received three honours from SaaSworthy, a company that helps stakeholders make better product decisions based on reviews, comparison, question & answers, social popularity, and buyers guide[8], under the push notification category. The start-up was in the Top 10 Fastest-Growing Software, Top 10 Most Popular Software, and Top 10 Most Searched Software.[9]