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Aisha Pandor

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== Achievements ==
In addition to Pandor’s education accolades from the University of Cape Town, Pandor was also awarded the South African Women in Science Award. Outside of academia, Pandor has an impressive list of awards for her contribution to African innovation and technology, these include: Africa’s Breakthrough Female Innovators of 2017 by the World Economic Forum, Female Tech/E-Commerce Entrepreneur, and Best Black Tech/E-Commerce Entrepreneur at the PriceCheck Tech and E-Commerce Awards in 2016.<ref>[ BizCommunity. Written August 22, 2017]</ref> Pandor has been on the Mail and Guardian’s list of 200 Young South Africans, and a 500 Startups Batch 14 alum. In 2015, Pandor and Ribić spent four months in Silicon Valley after being selected to take part in the 500 Startups accelerator, a first for a South African venture.<ref>[ How We Made It In Africa. Retrieved December 10, 2018]</ref>
== Investment ==

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