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[[File: SweepSouth-Logo.jpg | thumb | right | 200px | link= | SweepSouth Logo. Retrieved from Website, December 10. 2018]]
SweepSouth is South Africa’s first end-to-end booking platform for home cleaning services.<ref>[ SweepSouth Website. Retrieved December 10, 2018]</ref> Started in 2009 by [[Aisha Pandor ]] and her husband Alen Ribić, the online platform and mobile app allows customers to book ad hoc cleaning services. Each booking is customised to the individual requirements of the customer. The platform connects the estimated 1.2 million registered domestic workers to potential work and employers.<ref name="BusinessLive">[ Business Live - Financial Mail. July 10, 2016]</ref>
SweepSouth is one of the fastest-growing tech start-ups in South Africa. It has been praised for its ethical business practices and ambition to change the attitudes South Africans have toward domestic workers.

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