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Aisha Pandor

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[[File: African_Innovator_Aisha_Pandor.jpg | thumb | right | 250px | link= | Aisha Pandor, Founder of SweepSouth. Picture: How We Made It In Africa]]
{{Infobox person| name = Dr . Aisha Pandor | image = African_Innovator_Aisha_Pandor.jpg| image_size = 250px| alt = | caption = | birth_name = | birth_date = {{birth year and age |1985}}| birth_place = South Africa| death_date = <!-- {{Death date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|YYYY|MM|DD}} or {{Death-date and age|Month DD, YYYY|Month DD, YYYY}} (33death date then birth date)-->| death_place =| alma_mater = University of Cape Town| nationality = South Africa| other_names = | occupation = Entrepreneur| known_for = founding [[SweepSouth]]| spouse = | partner = <!-- (unmarried long-term partner) -->| children = | parents = | relatives = | website =}} Dr Aisha Pandor {{birth year and age |1976}} <ref>[ The Uber of Cleaning. IOL. Written may 6, 2017]</ref> is the co-founder and current CEO of [[SweepSouth]]; a South African based online platform for booking and managing cleaning services. SweepSouth became the first to offer such a service on the continent. Pandor worked as a management consultant in both the telecommunications and mining industries before embarking on her entrepreneurial venture. Pandor holds a PhD in Human Genetics.<ref name = “UCT”>[ University of CapeTown News. Written June 11, 2012]</ref> As a black female innovator, Pandor is widely acknowledged for her start-up’s success in pioneering social reform in African Innovation.<ref>[ ITWeb. Written August 19, 2016]</ref>

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