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Ken Njoroge

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Ken Njoroge is the CEO and Co-Founder of [[Cellulant]] Corporation, a Nairobi-based digital payments service provider<ref>[ FinTech Company Cellular Raises $47.5 million - Forbes. Retrieved on 22 November, 2019.]</ref>, and self-identifies as a mobile commerce evangelist.
He is a career entrepreneur and previously co-founded and served as the Solution Design Director of 3Mice Interactive Media, a web development firm. The growth of 3Mice Interactive Media led to it being acquired by Africa Online, a Namibian internet service provider.<ref>[ Ken Njoroge - Crunchbase. Retrieved 11 November, 2019.]</ref>Njoroge led the Technology, Strategy and Solution Development teams as the Solution Design Director. He conceptualized a range of digital projects relating to e-commerce, content management and e-business platforms.<ref>[ is Us - Cellulant. Retrieved 4 November, 2019.]</ref>
Njoroge is recognised for his entrepreneurial contributions to Africa and his willingness to encourage other Africans through providing them with training and support, to utilise their entrepreneurial skills to contribute towards Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.<ref>[ Wins Global Award; Integrates into the World Economic Forum - Techmoran. Retrieved 5 November, 2019.]</ref>

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