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{{Infobox company| name = Cellulant| logo = [[File: African_Innovation_CellulantCellulant-logo.jpg png | thumb | right centre | 250px | Cellulant CoCorporation, a Nairobi-Founders: based digital payment service provider.]]| type = | founder = [[Ken Njoroge]] and Bolaji Akinboro | area_served =| key_people = | industry = [[digital payments]]| services = | aum = | num_employees = | divisions = | homepage = {{URL|}}| foundation = {{start date and age|2014}}| location_city = Nairobi| location_country = Kenya| locations = Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Ken Njoroge PictureZambia}}<span style="font-size:88%">''Editor: [https: Footprint // Africa]/charissa-cassels/ Charissa Cassels]''</span>Cellulant, an African is a Nairobi-based digital payments payment service providerthat collects, raised USD settles and regulates payments in real-time.<ref>[ FinTech Company Cellulant Raises $47.5 million to transform financial technology services across the continent- Forbes. Retrieved 5 November, reaching 40 million people across 11 African countries2019. The deal ]</ref> It is the largest involving a FinTech payment gateway that connects buyers, sellers and other stakeholders enabling them to make and receive payments. Cellulant serves banks, markets, mobile network operators and local and international merchants.<ref>[ /cellulant/Cellulant - LinkedIn. Retrieved 5 November, 2019.]</ref> Cellulant digitises payments for Africa’s largest economies, through targeting regions where financial inclusion is restricted and to ensure that does business only mobile money is provided as an alternative to traditional banking. <ref>[ Njoroge - Endeavor. Retrieved 12 November, 2019.]</ref>Cellulant started its targeting through its Lipuka platform, Tingg app, and its Agrikore online platform. It operates in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia.<ref>[ - AfricaOutlook Magazine. Retrieved 12 November, according to 2019.]</ref> Ken Njoroge and Bolaji Akinboro conceptualized Cellulant on a press statement on Monday by napkin in 2001 and founded Cellulant Corporation in 2004. Njoroge and Akinboro are both CEO and Co-Founders of Cellulant.<ref>[ Rise Fund-journey-so-far-ken-njoroge-ceo-cellulant-corporation/61806/The journey so far: Ken Njoroge, managed by TPG GrowthCEO, which led the funding roundCellulant Corporation - How We Made It In Africa. Investments are also being made by Endeavor Catalyst and Satya CapitalRetrieved 11 November, 2019.]</ref>
Cellulant was founded in 2004 by Kenyan entrepreneur Ken Njoroge and his Nigerian partner, Bolaji Akinboro and works with over 90 banks across Africa. According to Forbes, it plans to plough the new capital into scaling up its operations, channeling a significant portion of the funds into Agrikore, its blockchain based smart-contracting, payments and marketplace system.== History ==
The Lipuka platform was launched in 2004, allowing subscribers to download their favourite ringtones while ensuring that artists earn royalties, paid to them by Cellulant. <ref>[ and Stanbic to enable Artistes Access Loans Facilities from, SKIZA Ringtone Royalties - KassFM. Retrieved 12 November, 2019.]</ref> The first mobile wallet for most major banks to run with or without internet connectivity was launched in 2009. Agency banking, money transfers, and bill payments were added to the Lipuka platform in 2010. In 2016, Cellulant delivered the Liberia Agricultural Transformation Agenda that contributes to economic resilience and inclusivity.<ref>[ - IFAD. Retrieved 11 November, 2019.]</ref>In the same year, Cellulant had 350k farmers registered within 100 days and accessed $4.6M.  Mula, a consumer product, was launched in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, and Mozambique in 2017 and on 8 October 2019, Mula rebranded to Tingg. <ref>[ a business model scribbled on a napkin to a world-class business - Cellulant. Retrieved 4 November, 2019.]</ref> Tingg, Cellulant’s mobile money app, ensures access to fast, secure and cost-friendly payments. Users are able to make and receive card and bank payments, save, borrow and promote their business on a single platform. Tingg can be accessed by dialling *369# or downloading the app. It is available in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana. <ref>[, Africa’s first payments super app unveiled in 8 countries by Cellulant - Techmoran. Retrieved 5 November, 2019.]</ref>  Cellulant lost six of its employees on 15 January 2019, during a terrorist attack at an office complex in Nairobi. The employees known as the Brave Six were trying to save their colleagues during the attack. The Brave Six are Ashford Kuria, Wilfred Kareithi, Kelvin Gitonga, Denis Mwaniki, Jeremiah Mbaria, and John Ndiritu.<ref>[ of Africa’s most innovative fintech startups lost six colleagues in the Nairobi attack - Quartz Africa. Retrieved 12 November, 2019.]</ref> In honour of the Brave Six, Cellulant has created a fundraising channel using Mula (now Tingg). This is to ensure that The Brave Six’s children receive an education and that their families have access to healthcare and shelter.<ref>[ Receives Africa Business Continuity Institutes Award for its resilience - Techmoran. Retrieved 5 November, 2019.]</ref>  Agrikore was launched on 20 September 2019. Its aim is to enhance sustainable agriculture and food systems using digital tools. Agrikore, is a mobile blockchain -based platform serving nearly payment and online marketplace system for smallholder farmers, agricultural input and produce traders, created to tackle inefficient agricultural markets.<ref>[ 4 of 7 . Agrikore has gone live...How does it compare to Facebook’s Libra? - LinkedIn. Retrieved 6 November, 2019.]</ref>  The GES e-wallet service is one of Cellulant’s Agritech solutions, where purchases and distributions of agricultural inputs are electronically distributed to registered farmers. Registered farmers are guaranteed redeemable e-wallet vouchers for fertilisers, seeds and other agricultural necessities at half the cost as the other half was paid by the Federal Government of Nigeria. 14.5 million farmers across registered, over $30Bn was contributed to the Nigerian GDP and the continent by better connecting them with markets farmers’ income increased from $700 to $1800.<ref>[ a business model scribbled on a napkin to a world-class business - Cellulant. Retrieved 4 November, 2019.]</ref>  The Cellulant wallet reminds customers of due payments and helping them sell provides updates on their goods expenditures. Its services include balance inquiries and banks to mobile wallet transfers. The Cellulant Payment Gateway provides a secure end-to-end channel for merchants allowing mobile users to pay for merchant services.<ref>[ Payments Platform for businesses on the move - Cellulant. Retrieved 4 November, 2019.]</ref> == Investments and Partnerships == In 2003, Cellulant extended its services in Ghana together with Spacefon, a wide range of buyers more easilymobile provider in Ghana. Eight million customers were reached in 2005 when Cellulant extended its digital content solution to provide value-added services with Nation for Nation Mobile.  In 2017, Cellulant joined Endeavour Global Entrepreneurs Network, an entrepreneurship movement.$47. Costs are also reduced 5 million was raised by integrating government subsidy programs the Rise Fund, Endeavour Catalyst and Satya Capital, in 2018.<ref>[ Akinboro - Endeavor. Retrieved 6 November, 2019.]</ref>Cellulant announced its partnership with Adyen, a global payments company, in 2019.<ref>[ expands payment offering to Africa with Cellulant partnership - ThePaypers. Retrieved 11 November, 2019.]</ref> It partnered with PayU, a fintech company, on 4 June 2019.<ref>[ accepting mobile money in Sub-Saharan Africa is a game-changer for global businesses - Techmoran. Retrieved 6 November, 2019.]</ref> Stanbic Bank partnered with Cellulant on 12 November 2019.<ref>[ and Stanbic to increase yields enable Artistes Access Loans Facilities from, SKIZA Ringtone Royalties - KassFM. Retrieved 12 November, 2019.]</ref> Cellulant’s other investors include Velocity Capital and raise incomes across several seasonsProgression Africa, Velocity Capital Private Equity and TBL Mirror Fund. <ref>[ ‘Soonicorns Could Be The Next Billion-Dollar Companies in Africa - WeeTracker. Retrieved 22 November, 2019.]</ref>== Awards == Its first mobile banking solution was selected as one of the top ten medium-sized company finalists at the Legatum Pioneers of Prosperity Africa Awards in Kigali on 30 November 2007.<ref>[ enabling all participants -legatum-and-john-templeton-foundation/Microcapital Story: Documentary on Legatum Pioneers of Prosperity Africa Prize Releases, Involves $350k Award for East African Entrepreneurship Sponsored by Legatum and John Templeton Foundation - MicroCapital. Retrieved 6 November, 2019.]</ref>  Cellulant’s first mobile banking solution in 2008, using USSD, received recognition as the inaugural top medium-sized company in Kenya in the agricultural supply chain — including insurance KPMG Top 100 medium-sized company contest in 2008.<ref>[ on global lists of top innovators - Business Daily. Retrieved 6 November, 2019.]</ref>  Fintech 100 named Cellulant the Best Payments and Transfer Fintech in Africa in 2016.<ref>[{Press Release}: Digital Payments Firm, Cellulant Listed on the Prestigious KPMG’s 2018 FINTECH 100 - TechZim. Retrieved 6 November, agricultural input providers2019.]</ref>  In February 2017, the London Stock Exchange Group listed Cellulant as one of the ‘Companies to inspire Africa.’ <ref>[ development partners — -a-napkin-to-a-47-5-million-series-c/Cellulant- From $3000 and a napkin to work within a trusted environment$47.5 million Series C - Retrieved 6 November, 2019.]</ref>  It was named Company of the year at the African Diaspora Awards in New York City on 2 December 2017.<ref>[ honoured as “Company of the Year” at the African Diaspora Awards in New York - Press Release. Retrieved 6 November, 2019.]</ref>  Cellulant received the 2019 award from Africa’s Business Continuity Institute Awards in Johannesburg on 12 September 2019. The award was for resilience and business continuity after the 15th January terrorist attacks.<ref>[ Receives Africa Business Continuity Institutes Award for its resilience - Techmoran. Retrieved 5 November, 2019.]</ref> == References =={{Reflist| 3}}

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