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Disrupting Ventures Lab.

Moving Africa forward. Objectively.

With one of the largest datasets on African Innovation, we are fortunate to see trends and insights that would move Africa forward. So we opted to set up the Disrupting Ventures lab where like-minded Africans can engage with our data analytics and insights to solve some tangible problems.

We have one sole goal - to move Africa forward.


We believe in order to accomplish our mission, that values should come first.

  • Help African innovators. It's hard being an entrepreneur. It's even harder when you don't have a roadmap or historical context on how to be an entrepreneur. Yet, African innovators jump into the fray. Least we can do is help them. This is our core DNA. Everything we do, all subsequent values, is a by-product of this value.
  • Move the dial. Whatever projects we engage in, we should always see tangible results. Some people call this 'moonshots', some people call it '10x'. We simply call it - moving the dial. We strongly believe in African innovation as a catalyst for growth and as such we must ensure that our activities move the dial.
  • Take the long term view. The data simply shows that anything worthwhile is done with a long term lens. We always take the long term view - taking one step at a time towards that end goal.
  • Tackle hard problems. If everything was easy, we wouldn't exist. It's easier to do the easy stuff. It's more exciting to solve hard problems.

Our Identity

We struggled with our identity for the longest time, tossing between our innate desire and love for the structured academia approach & first principles thinking and an innate belief in the corporate approach to profit making. That is until we came across the Genius of the AND by Jim Collins.

We believe in:

  • Structure AND Creativity
  • Purpose AND Profit
  • Being Conservative AND Bold

We live in the sweet spot between academia and entrepreneurship. We’ve been fortunate to come across a similar model with Google’s X - Moonshot Factory. We’ve embraced their learnings and philosophy and adapted most of the elements that resonate with us.

Public Projects

A by-product of having deep insights into the nature of the African innovation landscape is clarity on the levers that we believe will shift the African landscape forward.

Some of our current public projects include:

  • Data Intelligence: Insights for African Innovators
  • Circle+: Strategy-as-a-Service
  • DA Publishing: Story Telling as a tool for Innovation

Working with us

We look for passionate people willing to solve problems that are clearly apparent from our Data Intelligence insights. You need to have an academic bent, keen analytic insights coupled with a creative flare to come up with creative solutions.

We don’t hire anyone - save for our core and administrative staff. Those who work with (not for) us, genuinely want to move our continent forward.

The X-Factory Gimbal document is worth a read if you’re interested in working with us. We’re not a conventional company and our company is best suited for unconventional thinkers.

  • We continuously update this page as new insights, analytics and projects become apparent.